The Mecca/Qibla Compass
The Mecca/Qibla Compass
Item 24909
Country Côte d'Ivoire
Year 2010
Face Value 1500 Francs CFA
Metal Silver .925
Weight 40 g
Size 50 mm
Quality Antique finish
Mintage 2500 pcs

award16-meccacompasslThe key object of this coin series is the spoon-shaped magnet, which is a Chinese invention and dates back to the second century before Christ. The thin end of the spoon points to the south and was originally made out of magnetic iron ore. The magnet orients itself toward the North Pole.

On the coin the globe is symbolically subdivided into 36 segments. The position 0/36 for Mecca is represented by both minarets and the conventionalised Kaaba. On an enclosure several cities are listed with a number. Who then wants to locate the position of Mecca must turn the set until the thin end of the spoon points to the corresponding number. The minarets then indicate in which direction Mecca lies.

This set is especially suitable as a gift to express ones appreciation towards the receiver. It is not essential to take the set on journeys. It also does its service on a desk or shelf – it shows in which direction Mecca lies.