Mont-Saint-Michel – Copper
Mont-Saint-Michel – Copper
Item 30299
Country Cook Islands (the)
Year 2023
Face Value 1 Dollar
Metal Copper
Weight 50 g
Size 38.61 mm
Quality Antique finish
Mintage 5000
Technique smartminting® (Ultra High Relief)

Surrounded by wide sandbanks or, at high tide, by sea water, the unique silhouette of Mont-Saint-Michel crowns the secluded mount off the coast of Normandy. Recognised as a famous landmark, place of pilgrimage and UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979, it is a captivating photo subject and popular visitor attraction in France.

Since the first construction work on the Benedictine abbey in 966, the complex was continuously expanded until it was partly destroyed by fire in 1203 after the attempted conquest of the mount by King Philip II. The latter compensated the monks by funding the construction of the showpiece of the monument – the magnificent monastery known as La Merveille (the Wonder).

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