In Memory of Princess Diana
In Memory of Princess Diana
Item 28085
Country Cook Islands (the)
Year 2017
Face Value 5 Dollars
Metal Gold .9999
Weight 1/100 oz
Size 11 mm
Quality Prooflike
Mintage 10000
Technique smartminting®

Few persons were so universally loved, adored and celebrated by people from all walks of life as Diana, Princess of Wales. It is thus fair to assume that Diana needs no further introduction and select historic snippets could surely not do her accomplishements in life justice.

To commemorate Diana CIT issued this beautifully struck coin for the Cook Islands in fine gold with an uncluttered design and a highly detailed portrait of the Princess.

Succeeding the Pope Benedict XVI coin, this issue is the second BigGoldMinting© released by CIT measuring 11 mm at 1/100 oz in weight.

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