Item 26295
Country Andorra
Year 2013
Face Value 5 Diners
Metal Silver .925
Weight 20 g
Size 38.61 mm
Quality Proof
Mintage 2000 pcs

In modern Dressage competitions, horse and rider are expected to perform from memory a series of predetermined movements, known as ‘figures’ (volte, serpentine, figure of eight).
They perform these movements in a completely flat, rectangular arena, measuring 60 x 20 m. The arena is skirted by a low rail along which 12 lettered markers are placed symmetrically indicating where movements are to start and finish and where changes of pace or lead are to occur.
Upon entering the arena, each rider proceeds down a marked centre line and halts to salute. The horse must stand four-square and immobile. In all competitions, the horse has to show the paces: walk, trot and canter as well as smooth transitions within and between these paces.