Autumn Launch 2023

It’s time to reveal 20 new releases. This launch will be wild in many respects. So join our journey from the past to the future and discover extraordinary places, striking nature and lots of history.

Peaks  – K2

K2, the monumental 3rd mountain of the «Peaks» series, proudly stands within the Karakorum Range as Earth’s 2nd highest peak, yielding only to the mighty Mt. Everest. Only the toughest alpinists dare to climb one of the world’s most challenging mountains.

Eiffel Tower

Since its unveiling at the World Exhibition in 1889, this architectural masterpiece has enraptured the world – The Eiffel Tower. This free-standing coin captivates with the discreet city map of Paris in the background, an exceptionally high relief on both sides and the superbly detailed steel framework of the tower.

Wild West

In the 4th edition of the «Legends» series, we venture into the untamed Wild West. Amidst this captivating chapter in history, three individuals stand out. Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane and Billy the Kid. The coin is endowed with a variety of special features. On the reverse, the «Dead Man’s Hand», the saloon’s name and the bullet of the gun that sent Wild Bill to the afterlife are depicted next to the three heroes.

Fabergé – Imp. Coronation Egg

In 1897, this Fabergé marvel was presented as a gift to the last Russian Tsarina of the Romanov dynasty in homage to the resplendent golden robe she wore during her coronation. Crafted from a medley of multicoloured gold, adorned with dazzling diamonds, and graced with delicate Guilloche ornaments, this egg embodies the elegance of its time. Today, this treasure, with a worth of approximately 18 million dollars, is residing in the Museum of St. Petersburg.

Lily Pad – Dragonfly

In the enchanting realm of nature, where elegance and aesthetics unite, we behold a captivating creature that delights our senses. With its delicate wings, resembling crystalline beauty, the dragonfly gracefully glides through the air and alights upon a lily pad, its green leaves floating above the water. With their graceful beauty, dragonflies stand as masterpieces of evolution and true jewels of our natural world.

Historic Instruments – Armillary sphere

The armillary sphere, the 2nd issue of the «Historic Instruments series», is an early marvel of astronomical ingenuity. In its complex form, this remarkable device elegantly captures celestial and terrestrial circles. With the Earth at its center, this celestial globe is equipped with degrees for angular measurements during the 17th and 18th centuries.

Underlook – Under-Cat

This coin was created in collaboration with an artist whose speciality is portraying animals from below through a pane of glass. This results in exciting shots from an unusual angle. Not only the special view at the cat, but also the detailed minting combined with realistic colouring is impressive. An attractive collector’s item – not only for cat lovers.

Cyber Queen – Rebirth

After the successful 1st edition of the «Cyber Queen» series, we gain another glimpse into a sinister future. The death of a human being and his rebirth as a cyborg. In this grim world, criminal corporations, corrupt governments, and cruel artificial intelligence fight for supremacy. Human beings are forced to replace parts of their bodies with cybernetic implants to serve their powerful masters. Besides the intriguing narrative of the motif, the excellently executed combination of different finishes and colouring is equally fascinating.

Underwater Fantasy – Mermaids

Beneath the surface of the ocean unfolds a realm of unparalleled enchantment. An «Underwater Fantasy», that entices with an allure of mystery and wonder. Driven by curiosity and courage, we plunge into the depths, seeking treasures and uncovering secrets of ancient cities lost to the watery abyss.  Thanks to sophisticated technology and the use of enamel, the impressive depth and water effect are truly breathtaking.