Spring Launch 2023

It’s time to reveal more than 25 new releases. This launch we open the vault for heavy metal, future dreams and a fascinating anniversary.


For the 4th issue of the series, we get acquainted with Arethusa. A captivating nymph and companion to the moon goddess Artemis in Greek mythology. In honour of the ravishing beauty, we proudly unveil three exciting releases – a 1-ounce silver coin, 1-ounce gold coin, and a half-gram gold Proof coin.

Daydreamer – Adventure

For the 2nd time, we slip behind the curtain and find ourselves in the fantastic world of the «Daydreamer». We steal away from the day-to-day noise and seek a serene place to indulge in our reveries. We imagine thrilling adventures, marvel at colossal dinosaurs and glide through the air aboard propeller planes, much like we used to do in our childhood.

Mount Everest – First ascent

The incredible triumph of the successful first ascent of Mt. Everest is claimed by Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary, who reached the world’s highest peak on May 29, 1953. We are delighted to honour this extraordinary achievement by the world-renowned alpinists with two superb silver coins – a 2-ounce silver release and a stunning 1-kilo silver edition.


Vaults are an integral part of the building in which they are located, with armoured walls and a door secured with complex locks, they hold the items we find most precious. Historically, vaults were built in the basements of banks where the ceilings were vaulted, hence the name. What would you keep in your vault?

Second Skin

The digital age allows us to escape the real world and discover ever new, undreamed-of possibilities. While exploring infinite virtual worlds, we slip into a «second skin» to suit our desires, reveries and expectations. Overcoming distance and time, one discovers and creates wondrous new places, engages with other digital travellers and forms communities of like-minded people. The virtual alternate universe transcends the limits of imagination.

Iron Maiden –Piece of Mind

The bands 4th album was a critical and commercial success, reaching number three in the UK album charts and going platinum in the UK and North America. As a tribute to the 40th anniversary of «Piece of Mind», Eddie, Iron Maiden’s mascot, is featured on three exceptional issues. On a 2-ounce silver, a half-gram gold and a 5-gram silver note, he fights his shackles as an imprisoned maniac.