Winter Launch 2023

It’s time to reveal almost 30 new releases. Join us on our journey around the world to discover fascinating creatures, exceptional spots and compelling stories. Please fasten your seatbelts and le’s go.

Black Swan

With this new addition to our portfolio, we visually embody the natural balance with the representation of opposites. On the front, the classic white swan parades its flattering plumage, whereas the back features a unique black swan. No doubt the rare sight of black swans is owed to the fact they are only very seldom found beyond Australia and New Zealand. The natural balance is wonderfully mirrored with this beautiful piece of art.


Big City Lights – Sydney

With the 2nd edition of our successful «Big City Lights» series, we honour the Australian metropole, Sydney. Over 5 million Sydneysiders, as the city’s residents are referred to, spend their days and nights in Australia’s largest city. Besides the incredible coastline and iconic Bondi Beach, a world-famous landmark earns a special spot on our coin – the Sydney Opera House.


Tiffany Art Metropolis – London

Prelude to the 3rd edition of the successful «Tiffany Art – Metropolis» series. The 2023 release features the iconic capital of England – London. The reverse shows a bird’s eye view of London, highlighting selected landmarks such as Buckingham Palace and Big Ben. The obverse pictures one of the most famous bridges in the world – Tower Bridge. It spans the river Thames and aesthetically complements the Tower of London, which it adjoins.


Most Haunted Places – The Stanley

After years of success the famous hotel built in 1909 by the 1970s had fallen into grave disrepair and was a mere shadow of its former self. A bizarre and fateful chain of events involving the now famous author Steven King saved the Stanley from the wrecking ball. In a lucid nightmare, while staying in room 217, he dreamt of a coiled fire hose coming to life chasing his screaming son through the halls of the hotel. The Stanley’s connection to King’s terrifying night, which resulted in his successful book «The Shining», is the hotel’s most famous creepy occurrence.


Mongolian Falcon

With the 4th release of the gorgeously refined «Wild Mongolia» series, we soar into the skies anew, guided by Mongolia’s national bird – The Saker Falcon. This wondrous bird of prey equipped with sharp talons and a powerful, hooked beak has been used in falconry for thousands of years. The winged national pride of Mongolia features on five luxurious issues in gold, platinum and silver.


Mont Saint Michel 1023 – 2023

Surrounded by wide sandbanks or, at high tide, by sea water, the unique silhouette of Mont Saint-Michel crowns the secluded mount off the coast of Normandy. Recognised as a famous landmark, place of pilgrimage and UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979, it is a captivating photo subject and popular visitor attraction in France. The complex was continuously expanded until it was partly destroyed by fire in 1203 after the attempted conquest of the mount by King Philip II. The latter compensated the monks by funding the construction of the showpiece of the monument – the magnificent monastery known as La Merveille (the Wonder).