Autumn Launch 2022

It’s time to reveal more than 20 new releases. Join us on a journey from the martial antiquity of Sparta to the future world of cyber punk. Let’s go!

Historic Instruments – Astrolabe

Astrolabes were early scientific instruments that were used for reckoning time as well as astronomical exploration, navigation and astrology. In medieval Europe, astrolabes were widely used for astrological purposes. By the mid-15th century, sailors adopted the device to navigate at sea. It enabled the determination of the position of the sun and prominent stars in relation to both the horizon and the meridian.


Beijing – Temple of Heaven

The Temple of Heaven is considered to be «the supreme achievement of traditional Chinese architecture».  Built on three levels of marble stone, it is made entirely of wood without any nails. The astonishing hall served the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties for offerings to heaven in pursuit of rich harvests. Built in 1402 in Beijing, the construction of this architectural marvel reached completion in 1420, along with the Forbidden City.

Mountains – Half Dome

Visible from afar, this steep, rugged half-sphere soars high above the Yosemite Valley. The first known ascent was by George Anderson in 1875, who drilled holes into the smooth granite to successfully conquer the rock face. Since then, hikers reach the summit each year by following a trail starting from the valley floor. After a strenuous climb of several hundred granite steps, they find themselves at the foot of the steep east face. They overcome this final difficulty with the help of two steel cables attached to posts.


Cyber Queen – The Beginning

Cyberpunk is a science fiction subgenre characterised by anti-heroes fighting against a system or oppressors in a dehumanised, high-tech dystopian future. In the 1980s, the genre gained global popularity thanks to William Gibson’s novel “Neuromancer” and the cult film «Blade Runner». Other films such as «RoboCop» and «Judge Dredd» were released soon after. Finally, «The Matrix» wound up being the most cyberpunk-influenced film of its era.



The Spartans – muscle-bound, fearless warriors from ancient Greece – were renowned for their nearly invincible army and unrivalled fighting skills using long spears, swords and round shields crafted from bronze and wood have captured the imagination for centuries. The myths surrounding Sparta and its warrior society are as old as the city itself. Reputedly founded in the 9th century BC, it was co-ruled by two kings who arbitrated in times of war when Sparta emerged as the most powerful state in Greece.


Fabergé – Tsarevich Egg

The original piece is made of blue lapis lazuli adorned with gold and diamonds. Inside lies a double-headed imperial eagle holding a portrait of Alexei Nikolaevich, the seven-year-old son of Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna. The imperial egg was crafted in 1912 and presented as a gift to Alexei’s mother after his miraculous recovery from severe illness. It is currently displayed in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, US.