Winter Launch 2022

The new year has just started and we already welcome you to our Winter Launch 2022 which offers a stunning wide range of new releases.

Van Gogh, The Skyline of New York, Titanic, The Magnificent Argali, Tiffany Metropolis Roma. These are just a few highlights out of almost 30 (!) new coins. Enjoy browsing and making your choice.

Masters of Art – Vincent van Gogh

Big City Lights – New York

Tiffany Art Metropolis – Roma

Real Heroes – Special Forces

Titanic 2022

X-Ray 2022 – Mummy

Wild Mongolia – Magnificent Argali



Key to my Heart

Truck – King of the Road

Zeus – Father of Gods

Silverland – The Rock


Revolutionaries – Mother Teresa

One Noble 2022

Woodland Spirits – Deer