Autumn Launch 2021

Welcome to the Autumn Launch 2021 and an exciting journey around the world. Boarding is completed so please fasten your seat belt.

We will start our trip in Russia with the 3rd edition of our successfull Fabergé Egg series.

Peter Carl Fabergé – Rosebud Egg


Then we gonna ascent one of the highest and awe-inspiring summits in the Alps.



We will make a break in Italy to visit a building with a world known flaw.

Leaning Tower of Pisa


Finally we discover ancient history in Egypt with a stunning range of seven different coins.

Legacy of the Pharaohs


So as not to get bored during the trip your favorite hobbies will also be covered.

Golden Hobbies


Are you ready for that exciting journey full of stories and numismatic highlights? Then get ready for take off.