Coin Constellation Awards 2020

For the 14th time, the Russian Coin Constellation contest awarded coins from national banks, mints and distributors in nine categories. As one of the world’s largest and most significant coin contests, Coin Constellation attracted 26 participants from 17 countries who submitted over 200 coins. Issuing year of all coin entrants was 2019.

The jury consists of experts from world-famous museums and auction houses, representatives of numismatic associations and specialized publications about coins from different countries.

CIT is thrilled that we could build on the succes of the last years.

The Estacado Meteorite coin won 1st place in the category “Unique concept”.

The unique Edelweiss coin was voted 3rd place in the category “Best Artistic coin”. 

Our scary “Trapped” coin got 3rd place in the category “Original Technology”. 

While CIT is proud to receive awards for new and innovative coins, it is equally rewarding to see CIT’s clients succeed year after year! Progressive and creative clients who value innovation and technological perfection are invaluable to the coin industry as a whole and the success of new techniques, such as smartminting, in particular.

Our long-lasting partner prove that success is not a matter of luck but dedication, passion and above all the risk to try something new and different.

Congratulations to Power Coin for their 2nd place in the category “Souvenir Coin” with the incredible “Investment Chip” .

We look forward to future competitions and wish all our partners good luck!