CIT Summer Launch 2020

It’s time for good news!

We are happy to reveal the “CIT Summer Launch 2020”.

Love, Thrill, History, Nature. A wide range of exciting themes and extraordinary coins with the  applied possibilities of the enhanced smartminting© technology is waiting for you. As a collector please contact your favourite shop for more details.

Enjoy our latest releases …



Ever since the Steven Spielberg movie “Jaws”, the thought of even an encounter with a Great White Shark has terrified people for decades! When you look at this coin from the top, you will see a remarkable high relief fin coming out of the water.

But the real magic happens when you flip this coin to the side where you quickly see the true beast that swims just below the surface! CIT, the masters of double-sided ultra high relief smartminting© technology, brings this coin to life in a perspective that has never been done before!



There are probably many children that had the dream of becoming a fighter pilot growing up. Many of those same children and even adults watched the original “Top Gun” movie and dreamed some more.

CIT also honors these role models with a new series and a stunning 3 oz, 50 mm silver proof limited to only 499 pieces! Ultra high relief, partly polished honeycomb pattern and extremely detailed elements reaching to and even over the edge of the coin generate an unbelievably realistic picture.



The adventure and thrill to ride a real roller coaster, especially a looping one is perfectly captured on this coin called “Loop the Loop”, named after a dual-tracked steel roller coaster that operated on Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York, from 1901 to 1910.

CIT’s enhanced smartminting© technology with ultra high relief on both sides enables to picture the looping in a very realistic way. Obverse and reverse show the same scenery just from another view.



Steampunk has become a cultural phenomenon. Loosely defined as combining Victorian age mechanical technology with modern applications, its unique look can be seen everywhere. In a nutshell Steampunk is what people thought about the future with their knowledge and techniques 200 years ago.

CIT is proud to introduce a coin that utilizes the enhanced smartminting© technology with ultra high relief of today combined with old world design elements that create a coin like no other. Look closely at all the mechanical detail this coin has!



Be careful. You’re being watched. This first edition of the new series “Hunters by Night” pictures an amazingly realistic front view of a Black Panther’s face.

The night effect is created by the fascinating obsidian black proof finish combined with silk areas. Although you would like to touch the coat of the Panther you better run for your life and get one of these 2 oz crown size coins limited to only 888 pieces.



This stunning piece tells a story. A story how a meteorite, of which an original 2.5 mm part is embedded, has hit the ground in Viñales, Cuba in 2019. And to picture this dynamic impact on this 1 oz coin CIT uses the new possibilities of the enhanced smartminting© technology.

The crater starts from the edge of the coin and ultra high relief creates earth walls in a very realistic way. This silver .999 coin is limited to 2500 pieces and features a proof finish.



Our adventurous trip through the continents continues! This year we are heading for the arduous Carstensz Pyramid in Papua, Indonesia. Over the steep north face we ascend Oceania’s highest summit, which towers 4884 meters (16,024 ft) above sea level.

The 5th edition of the series, created with our enhanced smartminting© ultra high relief technology, features a vastly higher relief and is even more stunning than its predecessors. The refined partial coloring intensifies the detailed representation of the mountain.



The Noble coins have been issued by Isle of Man since the early 80’s. Despite their world-wide popularity, they are not minted every year and can be difficult to find.

This year’s double thick piedfort Noble is better than ever as it’s struck using CIT’s exclusive smartminting© technology! From the ultra high relief of the ship’s bow to the wind filled sails, every design aspect will be bolder than it was before!


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