New Coins – CIT Spring Launch 2020

Despite challenging circumstances the CIT team is continously working on new products to excite coin lovers worldwide. Thus we are happy to reveal the “Spring Launch 2020” which will take you on a journey from the past to tomorrow. All new releases will be available for wholesale orders by today. As a collector please contact your favourite shop regarding delivery times.


This coin has its beginnings to a coin that was struck over 2500 years ago as the turtle/tortoise was used during ancient Greek times as a monetary symbol. Today, these original ancient coins are highly prized and extremely valuable.

CIT is proud to release this brand new 2020 tortoise coin which captures every detail in stunning smartminting© ultra high relief. The tortoise’s iconic shell that they call their home stretches unbelievably high from the surface of the coin. Its legs and head combined with his shell make it look like the tortoise is walking across the coin! The coin is struck in an antique finish to pay tribute to the ancient coins of the past. It is limited to only 999 pieces, so while the tortoise moves slowly, the sales of these will not! Secure yours before they crawl away!


Mr. Bean – 30th Anniversary Celebration

Happy Birthday Mr. Bean. Described by his creator as “a child in a grown man’s body”, Mr Bean has become a favorite of millions around the globe. His humorous antics are highlighted by his clumsiness and his ability to create embarrassing chaos around him. He is clearly a social media superstar having 90 million followers on Facebook. Mr. Bean movies have been broadcasted to 195 territories and have generated 6.5 billion views on YouTube!

This incredible one ounce silver proof shows Mr. Bean in his two best-known forms.  The character played by actor and creator Rowan Atkinson and his animated form.  The instantly recognizable quirky smile paired with the tweed jacket and skinny red tie will put a smile on your face and bring back fond memories of his antics.


Lunar Year Collection – 2021 The Ox

Lunar Year issues are always popular with collectors, and the ones CIT strikes for Mongolia have become annual favorites! The upcoming 2021 issue features the Year of the Ox. Like in years past, there will be three distinct and highly collectible releases- a unique one ounce silver coin in the shape of the Ox, a five gram silver banknote, and a 0.5 gram gold proof.

The first Ox is struck in one ounce of fine silver and shows the Mighty Ox as a three-dimensional numismatic sculpture. Its design reflects the power but also the aesthetic of this beautiful animal. The Ox is minted in a way that allows it to stand freely on its own which makes it an ideal display and conversation piece.


The second release shows the mighty Ox on a highly detailed five gram silver banknote. This special banknote shows wonderfully the contrast between the different silver finishes as well as the brilliant color that has been expertly applied.


Lastly, the Ox is proudly displayed on a 0.5 gram gold proof. Meant as a perfect complement to the silver coin and banknote, you will see the image of the Ox which is similar to the way the one ounce shaped coin looks. The Ox is bordered by a highly detailed rim and carries a small mintage of only 5,000 pieces.

For all details just click on the coins above or download the

Spring Launch 2020 brochure.