The smartminting® advantage

Smartminting® is a revolutionary technology in the field of modern numismatics which was developed by CIT in 2016.  It literally pushes the boundaries, facilitates new specifications and sets new standards in the commemorative coin industry.

On World-Money Fair 2020 CIT has launched the significant enhancement which makes the impossible possible.

Factsheet smartminting®


The greatest advantage of smartminting® is undoubtedly the dramatic and unsurpassed relief heights combined with extraordinarily intricate details that the smartminting® process facilitates. While conventionally minting procedures require more raw material (larger weight) to increase relief height, smartminting® coins attain their impressive relief without the need for more material. The antique finish Skull No1 coin is a fine example of this benefit. Moreover, smartminting® can not only be applied to antique finish coins, but also to proof and coloured coins thus creating unparalleled high relief proof coins in the finest quality such as recent coins issued for the Cook Islands (Singapore Orchid) and the Republic of Palau (The Hand of Fatima).

Where size matters, smartminting® can facilitate coins with increased surface area of up to 183%. Standard 1 oz silver coin with a diameter of 38.6 mm can reach an incredible 65 mm when produced with smartminting®. A 3 oz coin may even reach 100 mm as seen in the 90th Birthday QEII. Best of all the relief does not suffer. While not comparable to the maximum high relief, supersized smartminting® coins feature a detail-rich delicate relief on a large canvas.

Crown size silver coins certainly are the mainstay of modern numismatics, but a one ounce coin might be out of reach of some collectors or to initimdating to newcomers. Smartminting® allows the production of crown size coins with a standard relief that weigh far less. The collector thereby gets a coin of the same diameter with the same relief for a lower more affordable price. A prime example is a version of our 38.6 mm, The Great Tea Race coin that weighs just 8 grammes!

Smartminting® opens up a whole new world of opportunities for your projects and customers. Coin Invest Trust is prepared to meet any challenge and deliver outstanding products – no matter what your requirements and ambitions may be.


The Great Tea Race
.999 Silver, 2 oz, 38.6 mm, smartminting, Art. #27676

Relief heights compared: 38.6 mm, 25 g coins
Marine Life Protection .999 Silver with smartminting (Art. #27823) on left; Copper Silver-plated (Art. #27824) on right

Gecko as Special Shaped Silver Coin, approx. 1 oz, 50 mm