Edelweiss – Mountain Star

CIT presents the latest release of modern shaped coins, the edelweiss, a lifelike imitation of this mountain plant, which is said to have been the downfall of many mountaineers. Since the beginning of the 19th century, edelweiss has been considered “the” symbol of fearless alpinists. Only the bravest were able to pick the flower that thrived in remote places. The fact that the plant grew on rocks hostile to life made it the epitome of love: Spirited lovers set off to find edelweiss to prove their courage and their eternal love to their beloved.

Edelweiss became the national symbol of Austria. Until now, it can be found on Austria’s circulation coins. Thus, it is no surprise that the song “Edelweiss” from “Sound of Music” became an unofficial national anthem, however, the song is even better known abroad than in Austria itself. In the musical, the song has the function of a protest by freedom-loving Baron von Trapp against the Nazi seizure of power: “Edelweiss, Edelweiss, Bless my homeland forever”.

CIT continues the edelweiss myth with a new numismatic treasure. Produced by applying sophisticated smartminting© technology, the piece received an elaborate antique finish to capture the petal’s velvety character. By the way, edelweiss was the first plant of the entire world to be declared a protected species in 1886.

A good reason to present the numismatic reproduction instead of the real flower to your beloved. The coin is delivered in a wooden box handmade in Europe which makes it a wonderful gift and a little treasure to protect.