Watch Out – You are being observed !

Traditionally, the relief of a coin determines the motif perceived by the observer. But here we break new ground with our “Hidden Tiger”. The designer used alternate frosted and proof fields, which are the components of a tiger hidden in the jungle. This depiction, which is graphically extremely demanding, seems to be so simple and naturally at first sight that one might think it would not be anything extraordinary.

Only if you compare it to coins with naturalistic depictions of this animal, you will be able to appreciate the sophistication of this design. Experts will immediately recognize the precision needed in order to produce this coin to honor one of the rarest and most beautiful animals of our planet.

Its trademark stripes and ability to remain motionless makes the tiger visible only for skilled observers. This incredible design is completely created using reliefed shading. True to the tiger’s ability to hide, just try to find the inverted issue date! This ½ oz silver coin has a diameter of 38.61 mm. It is limited to 2500 pieces and features a proof finish.