Highlight of the week

In 2018, CIT Coin Invest AG released the first issue of its successful AC/DC series, which is as popular among fans of this band as among lovers of innovative minting technology. “The Razors Edge” is already the fourth issue of this Collection.

“The Razors Edge”, the eleventh international studio album of AC/DC from 1990, became a huge success. Still today, hits like “Moneytalks”, “Thunderstruck” and “Are you Ready” are musical common property. Many AC/DC fans associate special memories with this album. The reason is that it was followed by the hard rock band’s largest tour to that date, the “Razors Edge World Tour”, which took place in 1991/2 for more than one year. The Australian rockers amazed their audience in a total of 162 concerts in 22 countries. This tour was not only documented by a life album, but also by a movie.

“The Razors Edge” is a milestone of hard rock. Thus, from the technological point of view, CIT Coin Invest AG came up with something very special to comment on the message of the album’s title with their minting technology. The result is an ultra-high relief coin with two different surface levels. While the band logo in the upper field almost seems as if it was chiseled, the gaping cut of the razor blade is significantly lower and forms a second surface level, on which – once again – the name of the album seems to be chiseled. This is combined with an intensive color application. Thanks to black proof technology, the entire coin presents itself in a threatening black color, and therefore the red cut seems to be a dangerous gaping wound.

“The Razors Edge” is a modern work of art that demonstrates the dangerous side of hard rock by using minting technology. Furthermore, the coin shows how far we can go these days when it comes to smart minting technology.



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(Articles may not be sold to Australia / New Zealand)