CIT wins Award at World Money Fair 2019 in Berlin

The Thirty-Sixth Annual Coin of the Year Awards Ceremony took place February 2nd in Berlin at the World Money Fair. From the thousands of coins produced in a year, only a hundred make the cut for nomination. These 100 are then sorted by 19 categories for the Judges Panel to consider.

CIT is overjoyed to once again having been on stage to receive the Best Crown Coin Award for our silver 5 Dollar Red Scarab design from the three-coin Scarab collection. “Red Dawn” showcases a black-rhodium plated ancient Egyptian scarab on a rose-gold canvas holding up the rising sun in the shape of a crystal. The Red Scarab did fit all the category criteria, and we believe that the Judges Panel must have seen in this Cook Islands issue the basic character of a crown with the charm of many more modern features. Also this coin is struck with smartminting© technology, displaying the beetle in exquisite detail and realism.

The CIT Team is proud of this surprising win for a beautiful coin.



Another surprising win was experienced this year in the hotly contested Most Innovative Coin category by our longtime partner Powercoin.  CIT congratulates on the first place award for its first issue in the Micro mosaic Passion series “Birth of Venus by Botticelli”. This amazing project issued by the Republic of Palau realized in Cooperation with CIT was already awarded with 1st place at Coin Constellation 2018. CIT congratulates Powercoin on the first place and this well-deserved award.