Beijing International Coin Exposition 2018

CIT introduces eight new coins in Beijing

As the year of the pig approaches marking the end of the 12-year lunar earth cycle, CIT is happy to introduce a gilded silk finish variety of the Jolly Pig introduced at the ANA show in August. The gilded version will be limited to only 888 pieces worldwide compared to the 999 silver antique finish pieces. The charming design of the Jolly Pig is identical in both versions.

Gilded Jolly Pig, Mongolia 2019


One of the highlights of the Beijing issues is the second iteration of the Sand Dollar coin first released in 2017. The leap in smartminting technology since the original version becomes aparent when the two are compared side by side. The 2018 issue sports a refined surface design and more noteacibly an elegant concave, rimless shape with five cut-outs that make that coin a beautiful life-like represantation of an actual sand dollar.

Sand Dollar II, Palau 2019


CIT’s popular small gold coins will receive two new additions in Beijing, the fierce Golden Dragon Egg –  successor to the beloved Swan Egg, and the Little Treasure Heart which is an updated, modern heart coin designed to be the ideal gift, charm or token for a loved one.

Skyline Dollars – Seoul, Pyongyang, Bangkok


Lastly the increasingly popular silver notes of the Skyline Dollar collection will have three new issues added representing the cities of Bangkok, Seoul and Pyongyang. The series is thus now on its thirteenth issue.
Finally CIT’s AD/DC coin range will also have its first silver note added. The spectacular album Highway to Hell is subject of a round silver note struck to resemble an LP with its original sleeve design.

AC/DC Highway to Hell Silver Note, Cook Islands 2018

Golden Dragon Egg
Palau, 1 Dollar, 0.5g, .9999 Gold, 9.7×13.92mm, Proof

Sand Dollar II
Palau, 2019, 1 Dollar, 1oz, .999 Silver, 50mm, Silk finish, 2019 pcs

Little Treasure Heart
Palau, 1 Dollar, 0.5g, .9999 Gold, 13.92mm, Silk finish

Valentine's Heart 2019
Cook Islands, 2019, 5 Dollars, .999 Silver, 20g, 37×37mm, Proof, 2019 pcs