Big Gold Minting – Superior Gold Coins

Sometimes size does matter

The new Big Gold Minting (BGM) technology is a giant leap forward when it comes to minting gold coins. The new technology developed by Coin Invest Trust in collaboration with B.H. Mayer Mint facilitates the production of fine gold coins in all-new specifications and superior quality.

BGM coins attain a significantly larger surface area compared to conventially minted coins without requiring more raw material. While a standard one ounce gold coin is usually minted in a diameter of 30 to 38.6mm, BGM coins of the same weight measure up to 65mm – increasing the surface area three- to fourfold!

Larger coins for any given weight specification and incredibly fine detail – that is what Big Gold Minting is all about. The collector benefits from a larger surface area and a rich, detailed coin design. Dealers benefit by offering to their customers unrivaled products of the highest quality, which everyone has come to expect from CIT/BHM products.

The large size and incredibly rich detail possible with BGM technology is beautifully illustrated on the new Pope Francis 80th Birthday coins.

Pope Francis: BGM 6-coin set
Article #27856-61

BGM size advantage
1oz BGM coin with 65mm diameter compared to conventional 38.6mm 1oz coin

Surface area comparison
Up to 183% increase in surface area with BGM technology

Size comparison
Yellow: BGM coin diameter, Orange: Ordinarily minted coin