Beijing International Coin Exposition 2017

Chinese guardian lions, imperial guardian lions, foo dogs, smartminting silver coin set by cit coin invest liechtenstein 2018
Chinese Guardian Lions, 2×2 oz .999 silver, Palau 2017, 10 Dollars, smartminting©, 2-coin set Art. #28308


Beijing 2017 sees largest CIT product launch in its history with no less than fifteen new issues introduced

The International Coin Exposition in Beijing has been an important show for CIT Coin Invest for many years and several new coins were regularly introduced in the past, such as two Pandas and a quilled bird in 2016. This year, CIT proudly introduced its largest selection of coins ever launched at a BICE show.

The increasingly popular minted banknotes represented nearly half of the new issues with the spectacular large Waldseemüller map measuring 200×150 mm at a weight of 30 grams and the first golden banknotes minted for Tanzania featuring the ever popular quintet of Africa, the Big Five.

lion big five safari gold banknote coin by cit coin invest for tanzania legal tender 1500 shillings with hologram giraffe and eagle
Big Five Gold Banknotes, 5×1 g .999 gold, Tanzania 2018, 1500 Shillings, hologram effect, Art. #28413-17


Among the seven new gold coins introduced, additions to the Special Shapes Gold series and the Golden Eggs collection underline CIT’s committment to develop outstanding and attractive series for collectors that stay true to their concept and design. The Sweetest Unicorn is among the most complex shapes minted in the series. The dreamy fairytale design is carried over from the unicorn to the Golden Swan Egg, the third edition in this endearing collection featuring a domed shape and exquisite coloring.

Resulting in CIT’s expertise and long tradition developing special shape coins resulted in the superb Silver Fortune – a silver clover, struck in smartminting© relief with delicate ornaments. The Silver Fortune represents the new flagship coin of the ounce of luck series introduced in 2010.

Silver fortune unique shape four leaf clover silver coin by CIT with smartminting, modern numismatics
Silver Fortune, 1 oz .999 silver, Palau 2018, 5 Dollars, smartminting©, Art. #28230


The Scarab Collection needs little introduction, and collectors of the series will be pleased to see the final three-coin set introduced and ready to ship early in 2018. The complete nine-coin collection displays premium minting technology at its finest in an elegant and timeless manner.

Winding up the new releases are three coins aptly themed and focused on China. The first is a two-coin set featuring Chinese Guardian Lions, also known as foo dogs or imperial lions. The set shows the female and male lion each on a 2oz coin with smartminting© relief on a black proof field and selective color application. The supplied collector’s case is a treasure of itself and a beautiful way to display the set in a collection.

Last but certainly not least is the Forbidden City Beijing 1kg coin. The giant spans 100mm across and features an agate inlay. Limited to 88 pieces the highlight of CIT’s BICE issues is a worthy centerpiece and exquisite collectible.

forbidden city 1 kilo kg silver coin with agate inlay and smartminting high relief by cit with collectors box
Forbidden City Beijing, 1 kg .999 silver, Palau 2018, 50 Dollars, agate inlay and smartminting©, Art. #28225


cit golden swan egg big gold minting bgm and smartminting technology

Golden Swan Egg
Art. #28299, Palau, 1 Dollar, .9999 Gold, 0.5g, 13.92mm, prooflike, 5000pcs

smartminting scarab selection coin withering blaze with high relief rose gold CIT and smartminting technology

Scarab Selection III – Withering Blaze
Art. #28364, Cook Islands 2017, 5 Dollars, .999 Silver, 1oz, 38.61mm, proof, 499pcs., smartminting©

Sweetest unicorn, special shape gold coin

Sweetest Unicorn
Art. #28342, Palau, 1 Dollar, .9999 Gold, 0.5g, 13.92mm, BU, 1500pcs.

waldseemueller historical maps america amerika silver coin banknote CIT coin invest smartminting

Waldseemüller Map Silver Banknote
Art. #28496, Cook Islands 2018, 5 Dollars, .999 Silver, 30g, 200×150mm, prooflike, 1500pcs.