Meet CIT in Berlin at WMF 2017

The Numismatic year always starts big at the Berlin World Money Fair in early February. CIT traditionally presents a high-end portfolio of new coins that are eagerly awaited by collector’s and dealer’s alike, including numismatic highlights such as the new issue of the Tiffany Art Collection.

Meet CIT

Upon entering the main exhibition hall you will immediately notice CIT’s booth F3 welcoming you to the World Money Fair.  Perusing the coins on exhibition at the booth will give you a world-first look at CIT’s latest coin issues which feature successors to some of the most admired coin series including Tiffany Art, Mongolian Nature, Wildlife Protection, Shades of Nature and the Exotic Butterflies 3D collection.

Of course, you can also expect to spot several all-new coins and first issues of new series, some of which will certainly put a «twist» on the traditional coin concept. The plethora of beautiful new issues is sure to please any collector of high-quality modern numismatic collectables.

Grand Prize Draw

As every year, visiting the CIT booth will give you the opportunity to grab a free raffle ticket and enter in the grand prize draw on Sunday. In past years, grand prize winner’s left with exceptionally valuable and sough after coins such as Tiffany Art 2oz and Evolution of Life Ammonite silver coins. Besides the grand prize draw on Sunday at noon, there will be five additional draws: two on Friday at 1pm and 4pm, two on Saturday at 11am and 3pm and one prior to the grand prize draw on Sunday at 11am. Further details and information are available at the booth and on the raffle tickets.

Good luck and enjoy our new coins!

Wells Cathedral
Tiffany Art 2017 – 1kg, Article 27962

Roaring Deer
Mongolian Nature 2017, Article 28022, final issue of the series

Wildlife Protection 2017, Article 28015

Aporia crataegi
Exotic Butterflies 2017, Article 28029, final issue of the series

Time Capsule
Warped coin with collector's box, Article 27787