New CIT Website

CIT is happy to present the new and much improved, modern website that we are sure will be a joy for you to explore. Please read on for a step-by-step introduction to the site’s new features.

The structure and layout of the entire page has been greatly simplified to make navigation easy and intuitive. The homepage is dominated by a large image-slider at the top that introduces you to CIT’s latest coins with beautifully detailed high resolution images. The slider is, of course, adapted for mobile use and reveals a new coin with the swipe of a finger.
A little blue bar on the bottom right-hand side of the slider introduces the name of the coin as well as up to three quick links: an information button, a video link and a download link to obtain the media kit zip file with all of the coin’s marketing material.
Below the slider you will find the six most recent CIT blog and news updates. Clicking on “blog archive” will bring up the CIT news archive.

The «Company» page introduces you to our team at CIT and our representatives from around the world as well as their corresponding custom projects.

One of the key features of the new website is the «Collections» page. Collections can be browsed by scrolling through the vivid images or by activating the quick selection filter at the top of the page. Entering a collection will introduce you to the idea and concept of the series as well as its specifications. Coin videos and related news are also found here. Collectors now have an authoritative reference for their CIT coin collections.
Below the series profile you will find a chronological list of all issues of the series, followed by several collections suggestions that share similar specifications, motifs or general impression.

The «Coins» page has been completely redone and simplified for your browsing and viewing pleasure. The filter at the top of the page is now streamlined and easy to use. Below each coin image you will notice a magnifying glass and an arrow. The arrow lets you rotate the coin to get a quick view of the obverse while the magnifying glass opens the coin in a gorgeous full screen lightbox that shows the coin in all its beauty and detail – all without having to navigate away from the coin overview.
Clicking on a coin will bring you to its detailed page where you will find the familiar slider and lightbox feature as well as the coin’s specifications, an introductory text, videos and a link to download a media kit. The «find reseller» button opens up an unbiased pre-defined Google search.
Further down, the coin’s associated collection and corresponding coins are introduced if applicable. Lastly the site suggests a thumbnail grid of similar coins and appropriate optional accessories.

The accessories page resembles a simplified coin layout with images and specifications of the particular coin box.

Project Management
The final highlight of the new website is the «Project Management» page. CIT excells at project management on an international level and has done so since 1970. On this page we introduce you to the CIT advantage, leading coin technologies and superior know-how that CIT brings to any custom project. Additionally you are invited to browse through a selection of customer projects showcasing modern numismatic pieces of art.

We hope you enjoy browsing our new website and check back frequently for new and exciting coin updates!

News and coin presentations

Homepage Slider
Info, video and download buttons

Quick selection filter

Collection Details
News and introductions, series profile, videos, coins and similar collections

New coin filter and thumbnail grid

Lightbox with rotation arrow

Coin Details
Media kit download and reseller link

Project Management
Project management portal with news, techniques and select reference coins

Project Management
Select reference coins