Project Management Expertise

In the commemorative coin business, as in any industry, there are those that lead the pack and those that follow the crowd. CIT has clearly established itself as a leader in commemorative coin project management and modern numismatics since 1970. These 50 years of experience in developing and managing creative, innovative and sometimes downright revolutionary coins of premium quality have garnered CIT an outstanding worldwide reputation. Our international network and partners in the coin world highly appreciate the variation and creativity of our expertise in developing special featured commemorative coins …

… as do private collectors: Up until 2019, CIT coins have been awarded 29 times including 7× «Most Innovative Coin», 3× «Coin of the Year», 4× «Original Technology and Unique Idea» and 3× «People’s Choice Award».

No matter what you desire CIT will deliver. Newly developed technologies such as Big Gold Minting© and ultra high relief smartminting© with incredible micro minting detail will set your coins apart from the ordinary. Uniquely shaped coins or concave surfaces, cut-outs and colour application, black proof, antique finish, gilded, rhodinated or platinated coins – there truly are no limits when it comes to developing your unique project with CIT. Based on the aspirations and wishes of our customers we undertake the complete project management and follow the entire manufacturing process from the start to finish thereby guaranteeing the highest level of quality which is demanded of all Coin Invest Trust products.

Coins with inlays are popular among collectors and the choice can be daunting. Meteorite shards and freshwater pearls, crystals and magentic spheres, 3D wings or nano chips and labyrinths, CIT will happily assist you with your decision. Glass windows, introduced in CIT’s multi-award winning Tiffany Art series, are certainly one of the most successul inlays in modern numismatics. CIT’s know-how and competence  in this field are unparalleled in the coin world.

Put simply – CIT coins are successful, beautiful, technically advanced and innovative collectables sought after by collectors worldwide. We would be thrilled to work with you to continue to develop unique and outstanding products of the highest quality that your customers will love!

CIT Advantage:

  • 50 years experience
  • Awarded 29 times as of 2019
  • Superb worldwide reputation
  • Innovative and creative ideas
  • Flexible and fast decision-making
  • Strong partnerships and networks
  • Extensive international experience
  • Complete project management based on customer requirements
  • Cooperation with various issuing countries


CIT Awards
As of 2019, CIT coins have won 29 awards!

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