Beijing International Coin Exposition 2016

At this years Beijing International Coin Exposition, CIT proudly presents three issues with an oriental flair. Headlining the new releases is the Silver Lucky Panda – a shaped, super-high-relief smartminting© coin of 88 grammes limited to 888 pieces worldwide. While the coin is superficially similar to CIT’s Skull No1 and realized with the same technique, the message is an entirely different one. The Panda mother watching over her playful cub embodies love, tenderness and serenity. The Silver Lucky Panda ships in an elegant, glossy-black box.



The Silver Lucky Panda’s little sibling is the Little Panda. This 11 mm, 0.5 gramme gold coin shows an adorable Panda cub waving its paw. Part of CIT’s popular Special Shapes Gold series, the charming Little Panda is sure to enlighten the heart.



Finishing off the BICE releases is the successor to the 2016 Quilling Art coin. The second issue portrays a quilled oriental bird perched on a delicate branch that symbolizes fragility of Asia’s rainforests. The astonishing half-ounce coin has a incredible 50 mm diameter and is limited to 999 pieces.


Silver Lucky Panda
Article #27935

Little Panda
Article #27903

Quilling Art 2017
Article #27886